Ensuring price transparency for you

  • private individuals and families
  • Sense of proportion rather than billing on the clock.
  • No flat fees for postage and telecommunication. At any rate, you will be charged for ancil-lary costs.
  • Legal remedy: invoicing pursuant to time fee rather than “dispute value”

How does our billing system work?

In principle, our tax consultancy services are subject to the remuneration ordinance of tax consultants (“Steuerberatungsvergütungsverordnung, StBVV). Services executed by our tax consultants are charged by expenditure of time. In this way, we reach a performance reimburse-ment that is equitable, fair, and transparent.

All other services (e.g. annual account, financial accounting, payroll administration, and tax decla-rations) are charged in accordance to the StBVV. Laypersons may find the legal specification StBVV and its implications on pricing our services too complex and incomprehensible.

By using modern software like Scan accountancy and training employees accordingly, we keep the charges for our services in medium ranges or even achieve unusually low prices.

Charges for cases remunerated under StBVV apply as follows:

Net 19% VAT Gross
Tax consultancy for long term clients, conducted by our professional tax consultant
Dipl.–Kfm. WP StB Timo Weltz, CVA 144,00 €/per hour 27,36 € 171,36 €/per hour
Dipl.–Kfm. WP StB Timo Weltz, CVA (Succes-sion and structural changes) 174,00 €/per hour 33,06 € 1207,06 €/per hour
Additional services conducted by professional accountants
Particularly as per § 33 Abs. 7 StBVV 60,00 €/per hour 11,40 € 71,40 €/per hour
Additional services of annual account professionals
Professional staff (Particularly as per § 35 Abs. 3 StBVV) 80,00 €/per hour 15,30 € 95,30 €/per hour
Tax specialist/ accountant (Particularly as per § 35 Abs. 3 StBVV) 90,00 €/per hour 17,10 € 107,10 €/per hour
Payroll accounting
Initial set-up of master data 12,00 €/per employee 2,28 € 14,28 €/per employee
Creation of payrolls from 5th employee on 13,00 € apiece 15,00 €/per employee 2,85 € 17,85 €/per employee
Additional services of payroll staff (Particulary as per § 34 Abs. 5 StBVV)
These services include e.g. debit memo requests, certif-icates of any kind, manual registrations and with-drawals
75,00 €/per employee 14,25 € 89,25,35 €/per employee
Creation of construction payroll accounting 17,50 €/per employee 3,33 € 20,83 €/per employee

Pricing for share valuation and company evaluation

As no enterprise resembles another, submission of offers without the required knowledge about the company is not only untrustworthy but also inappropriate. We would like to give a binding of-fer after a comprehensive introductory conversation. This offers thorough opportunity and suita-ble framework for determination of the contractual object and the order’s scope. The meeting will be free of charge but never useless.

Pricing for company auditing

Other than for tax consultants, there is no uniform regulation on fees for auditors. We would like to create an individual offer according to expenditure of time. As a point of reference, please find below our hourly rates.

Nettopreise USt 19% Bruttopreise
Dipl.–Kfm. WP StB Timo Weltz, CVA 184,00 €/per hour 34,96 € 218,96 €/per hour
Audit assistant 84,00 €/per hour 15,96 € 99,96 €/per hour

Pricing for business consulting

We would like to create an individual offer that is tailored to your needs.

Nettopreise USt 19% Bruttopreise
Initial consultancy for founders (up to approx. one and a half hours) free
Creation of a business plan (flat fee for founders) Mostly eligible costs to be incorporated into subsidy programmes by 50%

All settlement prices include statutory VAT. Our agreement of fees is simply made transparent.

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