Our services

Our range of service is multifaceted, and so is our team. Skilled employees of related domains of tax consultancy unite and consolidate know-how to provide competent support on almost all is-sues of tax consultancy.

  • Tax consultancy for enterprises, freelancers and self-employed
  • Consultation for founders in Germany
  • Consultation for private individuals and families

Tax consultation for enterprises, free-lancers and self-employed

Know where you stand. Anytime. Your accountancy as management tool.

  • Financial accounting
  • Intra-year accrual posting (“unterjährliche Abgrenzungsbuchung”)
  • Data transmission of VAT advance returns to financial authorities
  • Digital accountancy and scan accountancy
  • Prompt and significant management analyses (“betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung”, BWA)
  • Open item accounting for your dunning system and notice of default (“Mahnwesen”)
  • Building and creating individual controlling reports
  • Creation and booking cost centre accounting

Quality annual accounts are more than mere documents

  • Creation of annual reports
  • Creation of revenue surplus calculation
  • Publishing of annual reports in Bundesanzeiger
  • Creation & transmission of electronic balance sheets, opening balance sheets, cessation of business balance sheets, interim reports, and special taxation balance sheets
  • Plausibility check and audit procedures as per IDW S7
  • Offsetting and reconciliation: changes of method of profit determination

Safe and reliable: payroll accounting (including cash wage accounting for construction businesses)

  • Punctual, accurate and legally watertight payroll accounting
  • Data transmission to health insurance and tax authorities
  • Initial setup, parked accounting, and filing of documents
  • Initial setup and changes to business data and employee data
  • Provision of organisational means for record-keeping of wage data & of salary details
  • Recording wage data
  • Keeping record of employee payrolls
  • Payroll accounting
  • Statutory data transmission to health insurance & financial authorities
  • Informing the HQ about final wage data
  • Provision of monthly wage analyses: ready for collection or for dispatch Telephone assistance in all matters of payroll accounting and wages
  • Electronic long-term filing of datasets
  • Annual provision of analysis files on DVD
  • Creation of wage certificates and applications to social insurance agencies, employment office, health insurance, and other insurances
  • Creation of wage statements for Berufsgenossenschaft
  • Immediate report of new employees to Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Federal Retirement Pension)
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss analyses (i.e. personnel costs) and current issues
  • Labour cost planning and simulation

Seize the opportunity: tax composition and optimisation

  • Optimisation of enterprise structures
  • Fiscal optimisation of business transactions (e.g. purchase of real estate and property, leas-ing and financing)
  • Advice for company sales, acquisitions; Share and Company evaluation
  • Determining the right legal form
  • Optimised company succession
  • Creation of expert opinions for fiscal issues

What’s the value of my enterprise? Share and Company evaluation and Succession advice

  • Evaluation report IDW S1 Company evaluation
  • Evaluation report IDW S5 Technologies and patents
  • Succession advice
  • Accompanying your enterprise purchase or sale

Tax declaration: the easy way

  • Creation of tax declarations for individual entrepreneurs and business partnerships
  • Creation of tax declarations for (stock) corporations
  • Creation of VAT return
  • Creation of business tax returns
  • Consultation for profit distributions (annual report)
  • Lodging appeals at Finanzamt (fiscal authority)
  • Early information and advice on changes of tax legislation
  • Verifying tax statements, tax returns and the like.

Optimal representation: file an application, redress procedure and legal actions, company audits

  • Lodging appeals
  • Applications for e.g. suspension of operation, termination of enforcement, application for a binding assessment
  • Complaints brought before the financial courts
  • Support for enterprise audits and special hearings
  • What to do if Steuerfahndung (tax investigation) is after you?
  • Representation within the framework of investigation proceedings
  • Complaint proceedings at fiscal court
  • Voluntary self-declaration

International tax composition

  • Consultation in foreign operations
  • Accompanying strategies of internationalisation
  • Double taxation agreements
  • Deployment of employees abroad
  • Assistance in finding tax consultants abroad

Proficient supervision: your supervisory board

  • Expertise in the domain of Accounting, Internal Audit and Audit Committee
  • Official expert for the supervisory board

Consultancy for private individuals and families

All-around carefree solutions: fiscal advice

  • Private income tax return
  • Tax planning, tax rate optimisation and tax composition
  • Checking tax assessments and lodging appeals
  • Legal actions at fiscal court
  • Advice on inheritance and donation, inheritance- and donation tax (“Erbschafts- und Schenkungssteuererklärung“)
  • Advice on residence relocation
  • Advice on individual fiscal issues
  • Advice on voluntary declaration and criminal tax proceedings

The right investments: advice on property purchases

  • Profitability evaluation for private individuals purchasing property
  • Tax optimisation of contracts of sale
  • Advice on investments in the domain of property, regarding liquidity, taxation and asset development
  • Advice while taking into account financing alternatives
  • Creation of self-disclosures and financial statements
  • Assistance for bank meetings

Thinking ahead:

  • Advice on private pension schemes
  • Advice on entrepreneurial pension schemes