Solutions for enterprises

We take care of your taxation so you can take care of other things in life.

Tax legislation is more than the realisation of complex legal regulations. Our tax advice focusses on the individual person resp. the enterprise. Only in this way can we ensure appropriate individual treatment for you.

Your assets:

  • More solutions – thanks to holistic and competent support
  • More time – we are quick, adept, and permanently available
  • More personality – you are at the focal point
  • More safety and security – we assume responsibility for our action and target at your satis-faction
  • More economic success – we are only satisfied when you are
  • More transparency – in service and expenses

Financial accounting

Do you use financial accounting as a tool of management? By promptly compiling your financial ac-counting, key figures for decision-making and corporate development can be used effectively. Therefore, we almost exclusively use digital scan accounting with a DATEV-interface.

Payroll accounting

Payrolls and their accounting are a very sensitive matter and often underestimated. We are aware of their importance and their sensitivity. Our team of payroll accountants offers competent advice and support. Do not leave it to chance.

Revenue surplus calculation (Einnahmen-Überschuss-Rechnung)

Particularly freelancers and small traders require a meaningful calculation of their revenue surplus. Due to the professional activities’ significant difference, freelancers and small traders have differ-ent demands. To satisfy the requirements of freelancers and small traders, we offer sundry forms of presentation.

Tax declaration

It is our duty to terminate all tax declarations faultlessly and punctually. As we remind you of dead-lines, we avoid superfluous late payment fines and default fines. We point out to potential for op-timisation and use opportunities of taxation to your benefit.

Legal remedy and fiscal jurisdiction (Rechtsmittel)

As tax adviser, we turn every stone to ensure you are in the right. Decision of tax authority is not always the correct one. If necessary, we bring an action at law, lodge an objection, file an applica-tion, and represent you at fiscal court. It is evident to us to inspect and to audit personally. We rec-ommend auditing in our business premises.

Optimising your taxes

A sound strategy for taxation optimisation constantly includes you and your enterprise. We know how.


Do you – at least occasionally – have orders from foreign customers and wonder if you adhere to taxation law? Alternatively, do you hold international subsidiaries, Joint Ventures, or shares? Get smart advice on this complex matter.

Rating and succession

Prosperous company succession and strategies for company takeover demand a lot of time and effort. Begin early on.