Solutions for freelancers and self-employed

Working autonomously, you are well aware how soon the working day is over. The work-life bal-ance is a delicate topic to many self-employed and freelancers. Your accountancy need not be a superfluous and time-consuming burden. Let us assist you and you will know where you stand eco-nomically over the next month. Focus on the important things and leave the rest to us.

Simply quicker

Thanks to digital accountancy, evaluation is simply quicker. You scan the receipts and we are in charge of the rest. There is hardly anything more comfortable. Your business and you as an individ-ual will benefit from the gain of time and economised expenses.

Simply more

  • More time – we are quick, adept, and permanently available
  • More personality – you are at the focal point
  • More safety and security – we assume responsibility for our action and target at your satis-faction
  • More economic success – we are only satisfied when you are
  • More transparency – in service and expenses

Financial accounting for self-employed and freelancers

Freelancers and self-employed benefit most from our easy to use receipt service. Just scan your receipts or transfer a photo of it, that’s it. No nasty sorting tasks. If you please, we collect the re-ceipts from your business.

Tax prepayment management

To facilitate the processes of tax prepayment, we regularly adapt your prepayments to your reve-nue situation.

Old-age pension

You are worried about old-age provision or want to prepare in due time? Unfortunately, this is a well-founded fear. We provide comprehensive advice on suitable allowances in the field of old-age precautionary measures to fill this supply gap.

Revenue surplus calculation for self-employed and freelancers (Einnahmen-Überschuss-Rechnung)

Particularly freelancers and small traders require a meaningful calculation of their revenue surplus. Due to the professional activities’ significant difference, freelancers and small traders have differ-ent demands. To satisfy the requirements of freelancers and small traders, we offer sundry forms of presentation.

Payroll accounting for self-employed and freelancers

There is enough to do for self-employed and for freelancers. Many try to relief themselves by hir-ing staff. Often, this does not turn out how it was supposed to be. What you need to bear in mind and where the pitfalls are is a matter we can clarify easily.

Optimising your tax declaration

It is your duty to submit your income tax declaration to find out if you are eligible for a refund of overpay. Likewise, self-employed and freelancers must submit their VAT declaration to obtain a VAT return. We pay special attention to optimise these tax declarations for you.